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Bringing Our Dying Home

Caring talk, reflections, inspirations, resources, practical information and news about death and dying, sharing and giving compassionate support, guidance and encouragement dealing with all aspects of death and dying. Our talk is serious but light-hearted, starting with our “die-a-log” name. Our most important feature is our kindly warmth and respect that gives us all permission to talk about things that many people regard as taboo and to say what we want.

tea and death

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  • Be Heard, Be Touched, Be Free. Our lives are our stories, and not all of them are told. We have created the Listening Tree to give everyone a place to ’pin’ their stories (’leaves’), memorials, podcasts and photographs. Do you have a story to share, or an absent friend to remember? Please share your story!
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  • 80% of us want to die at home.. Only 20% achieve this Our Compassionate Community Hubs can make a difference!
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  • It takes community… I rarely make really important decisions on my own and without talking with somebody. I also know from experience that if I don’t discuss an important decision with anybody, it can often end up being a bad one
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“Bringing our Dying Home”

Join our growing UK network of Diealog groups. These groups provide a safe and intimate forum for people to talk about all aspects and issues related to death and dying. Closed groups of 10 or less, open groups for all to try.. email us and we can tell you more!

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