Diealog Community: a generous self-organising network

Diealog Community: a generous self-organising network



The Diealog Community is not an official organisation! So what are we? Call us ‘a community movement for social change, driven by values, by and with local people’. 


We share a relationship-centered approach to caring and supporting each other.

We start with the HUMAN VALUES of kindness and generosity. 

We combine this with the SOCIAL VALUES of collaboration. 

Go here for more on our VALUES…  

We adhere to shared PRINCIPLES for working together and collaborating. These are expressed in our Code of Practice.

We are an informal NETWORK working together through a Free Affiliate Scheme. We maintain the minimum structure for continuity (Diealog has a subscriber database). 

We are SELF-ORGANISING and work at the local community level. Being self-organising means we are decentralised, and all Diealog support groups, events and activities in local communities are autonomous. 

We operate a SHARING ECONOMY MODEL, giving and receiving so everybody can participate. 

Nobody makes money out of Diealog, and as unpaid volunteers we give our time for free. If we have direct costs from setting up and running Diealog events and activities, it is permissable to charge attenders in order to recover these.

We also assist each other to look for and obtain financial support from charitable Trusts and Foundations. The Conscious Ageing Trust charity (UK registered no 1120811) is set up for this purpose.

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