Diealog Community: Free Affiliate Scheme for working together

Diealog Community: Free Affiliate Scheme for working together

FREE AFFILIATE SCHEME, Terms & Conditions for working together:

1. People who sign up to this agreement are entitled to:
• Use the Diealog name for your events.
• Post events to our website.
• Talk to the press and broadcast on media as an affiliate of Diealog.

2. By posting the story of your Diealog activity on our website, you agree to abide by our principles as set out in our Code of Practice Guide. These are that Diealog activities are always offered:
• With no intention of leading participants to any conclusion, product or course of action.
• As an open, respectful and confidential space where people can express their views and support each other safely.
• On a not for profit basis.
• Wherever possible alongside refreshing drinks and nourishing food – and cake!

3. You are responsible for health and safety aspects of all Diealog activities. Posting your Diealog activities on our website involves accepting that all responsibility and liability regarding your activities rests with you. This is only precautionary however – Diealog activities tend to be very safe and positive events, if the Diealog Code of Practice guide and Ground-rules are adhered to.

4. When you talk to the media please always:
• Use the following sentence to contextualise this work: “Diealog Groups are about supporting each other to life well right to the end of our lives, and are part of a grass roots up, collaborative network”.
• Give a link to www.diealog.co.uk.
• Wherever possible convey our principles and values.

5. Do:
• Share your story in apost on the Diealog website, and update it from time to time with your latest news! Please also send us other “Supporting Each Other for Life” stories you come across.
• Use @diealogforum when you tweet, and share with @diealog when you post on your facebook page about your Diealog activities (so we can retweet/like).
• Promote The Diealog Community “Supporting each Other for Life” approach, and Diealog activities whenever appropriate.

6. Don’t:
• Start websites, blogs or twitter account with Diealog name in the title. It is fine to start a facebook page describing your Diealog activities, but if you do this please be willing to let others in your area post their death and dying support activities there too.
• Use the Diealog name for things that aren’t set out in our Code of Practice guidance.
• Produce Diealog merchandise or any other products without our permission.

7. Please note: We reserve the right to reject your Diealog activity if we believe that it doesn’t accord with our Code of Practice principles and the Values of The Diealog Community

That’s it! Please CONTACT us if you have any questions. Follow more on The Diealog Community – http://diealog.co.uk/category/diealog-community/

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