Diealog Community: Our Shared Values

Diealog Community: Our Shared Values


KINDNESS and Grass Roots Up COLLABORATION are our top core values.


Here are more values we share:

Courage. Courage to care, and look death in the eye, and supporting each other for life.
Humility. To the challenge of living well right to the very end. To those on whose shoulders we stand. And to those who will follow us.
. To be open and honest with ourselves, and with each other.
Generosity. Everything which can be shared will be shared with anyone who wants it. So far as we can, we will give what we do for free. If we need to charge (mainly to cover our costs) we will be transparent about it.
Humour. Without some light-heartedness and humour there can be no creativity, movement or the possibility of change. With creativity comes new ideas and the power to live well.
Empathy. Putting ourselves in other people’s shoes. Looking at the world from their point of view. And above all being kind both to ourselves and others.

The Grass Roots Up values we share as a community movement for social change are:

Collaboration. Being relationship-centred, giving and receiving and connecting with others because we believe dying well cannot happen alone or by ourselves.
Transition minded. Action orientated and full of curiosity towards co-creating a sustainable and better way for us all to live well right to the very end. 
Self-organising. Having the minimum structure for continuity. Being prepared to take on the responsibility and task of supporting each other for life. Because we don’t need a central organisation to be in control of our choices or to give us permission to die well.
Speaking Up. Being a collective voice for equality and fairness. Being a beacon and shining the light for the disadvantaged and excluded.
Inclusion. The Common Ground* of our values is shared across all cultures and ethnicities. We equally respect all our different traditions and lineages.

* ‘Common Ground’: ref ‘Basic Human Values’ theory and research by Professor Shalom Schwartz:

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