Grass Roots Up: Who we are and What we stand for

Grass Roots Up: Who we are and What we stand for



Here is a snapshot from out of the many people who give their time to help make the Diealog NETWORK live and flourish.

Max Mackay-James –

Max is a 65 year old GP doctor who helped found the Diealog project in 2012 and actively supports its “Supporting Each other for Life” grass-roots-up mix of community engagement and involvement activities. He has been involved with peer support groups for over 20 years, participating, peer mentoring and facilitating in a wide variety of social settings. He is an active member of two Diealog Groups currently. CONTACT:

Aly Dickinson –

Aly is an end-of-life Doula (LIVING WELL DYING WELL) and community activist based in the South West. LIVING WELL DYING WELL encourages reflection on how to live life fully, while planning and preparing for the end of life. Courses, training, conversations and services help people think about it, talk about it and plan for it, in a safe and supportive way. CONTACT:

Luke Tanner –

Luke Tanner is a psychotherapist, consultant and trainer working with older people, care providers and dementia care services. Luke focuses on the development of therapeutic cultures of care that deliver quality of life within the community and residential care settings. Having worked within both humanising and dehumanising cultures of care Luke recognises the importance of creating communities of care ourselves, from the people, places and things that make us who we are.

We stand for a relationship-centred approach to caring and supporting each other. Our core values are KINDNESS and COLLABORATION, plus COURAGE, HUMILITY, HONESTY, GENEROSITY, HUMOUR and EMPATHY. For more on our shared values, click here . 

As an informal NETWORK working GRASS ROOTS UP, we maintain a minimum structure for continuity (Diealog has a subscriber database). We also adhere to shared PRINCIPLES for working together and Diealog collaborations to create an open, respectful and confidential space where people can express their views and support each other safely, These are expressed in our Code of Practice and Free Affiliate Scheme.

GIVING and RECEIVING so everybody can participate and benefit. Nobody makes money out of Diealog, and as unpaid volunteers we give our time running Diealog events and activities for free. If we have direct costs from setting these up, we agree that it is permissable to charge attenders in order to recover these.

We also assist each other to look for and obtain financial support from charitable Trusts and Foundations. The Conscious Ageing Trust charity (UK registered no 1120811) is set up for this purpose.

For more see: Conscious Ageing Trust or contact

The Diealog website welcomes your personal stories, Q&As raised or responded to, and/or reported pieces that can help others. We are looking to publish candid pieces about all aspects of dying, no matter where you are in the process. This way you will HELP spread the Diealog message to others so the DIEALOG COMMUNITY can grow! Send you story to CONTACT .

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