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We accept 600- to 800-word personal stories, Q&As raised or responded to, and/or reported pieces that can help others. We are looking to publish candid pieces about all aspects of dying, no matter where you are in the process. Please note that for personal stories we prefer you to focus around one element or topic (EG ‘What Helped me with.. (grief/talking openly/advocacy etc)’, ‘What made dying at home possible’, ‘How my/our support network is growing’, ‘How my/our Advance Planning is going’ etc), rather than your whole dying journey story. Vidcasts, Podcasts, Images and inspirations are also welcome!

If you are unsure what you’d like to write for the site, tell us (briefly). Please note our ‘Diealog Community’ volunteer team is tiny and so it may take us a while to respond.

Ask for help:

If you want to get involved, and are looking for help beginning or growing Diealog ‘Circles of Support’ in your local community, or would like to put on a Diealog Workshop, please also email us here, or contact max@consciousageing.org directly. We will help you as much as we can with free advice and support, but please note we are not able to work on an unpaid basis for providing Diealog Workshops or putting on events.

If you have personal concerns or issues you can also contact us here, and we will try to help you. However, the ‘Diealog Community’ volunteer team is not a professional helpline, and we may be slow to respond due to the number of enquiries we get.

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